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ByJohn Wuethrich


yes i say things I’m not proud of. I’m also having everything i worked for threatened,

they knew the car broke down on the 6th of March. filed for orders of protection on the 11th? i now have a court date for being a immediate risk of dv to them? I’m 45min away and when i tried to bring better evidence than i have posted here that they are unreliable witnesses and use police reports as tools of terror. (after contacting state bar) i was told the department might be liable if that was on the record.

trying to detail, here’s what i need for basic function most of which since 2006 or 7. forced to take risk to life under threat its all destroyed or donated. dealing with constant lies lies lies, false constructs baseless accusations that if i ask why or what leads you to say that topic changes. sometimes I’m sick in the head we love you and would never hurt you. other times “its because you disrespected us “, its because you are weird, i need control because i want control, I’m going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband. or things like mom those commands are conflicting “I KNOW THATS THE PONT” then “i never said that i never said that you fail at everntyhing never worked a day” (she drove me to first it support/consulting client at age 16 i was working mc donnalds and also small cpa office that i ended up having till 26. 16 making 25 an hr.) , “you never worked” “you didn’t work enough”, “i paid your bills”(she paid a bit down on one cc. i had never missed a payment in 10 years. end up bleeding then at their house she opens my mail no knowledge pays the smaller card down a bit, no knowldgetgge she is doing this. when informed also informed she wont touch other bank she doesnt like them. then claims she now owns all of my things cause she paid my bill. uses police and lies and false dv reports to terrorize

here’s a playlist demonstrating some of what i have to deal with because they cant admit the smallest.

first call “you do false police reports to punish and terrorize you got a mental hold on lies” her: ill do worse than that if you dont stop (hurting us)second call “get over it”

go to a food shelf it you’re hungry… and what cook with what? storage locker? this was 5 months ago, i got the address last month. she will do worse than a false dv report if “I KEEP IT UP”. in between I’m told, i will be allowed to finish projects, for will, give him time estimates. none of what they say happens, they try to make sure I’m flakey to people good to me for work i demonstrated worked. she pushed me to prove every inch of it while cleaning a place in their basement bleeding while they deny mold is their while critiquing how I’m doing the instructions mold guy said…and denying mold. i show the last component works and all the sudden my moms hiding tools and parts, throwing gthem away and she cant name the tile never tried to contact who paid for it know its worthless.

deny , fake ignorance, admit then deny 2 seconds later, act concerned, I’m sick, i wont get help (they control time and resources after their mistake with their house put them in control of all of my things.)

my dad had an aortic anurism in 2004. in 06 i was going to a psychologist for mild pstd. hearing “why do you think you need to help, you dont need that”

I also got consoling on my own accord at ndsu when i felt i needed it. med records would show if i got sick in nd i went to a doc. they will project total lies knowing it sounds good. numbers that fluctuate or admit one number lower then not giving it x days later after period of stress and hunger while controlling what i may use of my tools or even sell or have to not be hungry (their house transferred mold apt didn’t resign after 8mo bleeding would have been 3rd period)

they demanded services for first living in the basement after mold was confirmed. “IF I LET YOU UPSTAIRS SOON NOTHING WILL BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU” while in reality, all the sudden sleeping on basement couch was asking too much and “SLEEP IN YOUR HIGHSCHOOL ROOM”

pic i got after getting out of mental ward. same day. if that’s not subtle reinforcement of i can hurt you however i want and rub it in. don’t know what is.
psych in general recognizes that parents with npd or aspd will do this to their children and highly likely to sabotage and re abuse adult children. why in the heck is every gender and demographic except work age male protected and even with evidence people are using these laws and lies to harm it cant be put on record? they can take everything sabotage work try to convince me im worthless for their mistakes then use lies, police med and courts to make sure 18 days before i have to move out of the cell/apt they picked i have a court date an hr and a half away with no car? ffiled knowing my car was broke? actually their car only offering tot transfer title knowing i have to move and it was about to be a liability in the parking lot? then told me it was stolen after forcing to txt map 3x asking if i emailed it /another version of idk what a text message is. another version of pretends not to know to destabilize. form of gaslighting.
after saying its not safe to do this in apt… herse what the air filter next to my bed looks like
I’ve mentioned I can’t even lay out a notepad one and have it remain clean true next to my computer 3 do that and have a space to eat other than the bed which is usually where I end up eating he made sure I dragged mold up here and or whatever bug was in his house is it on the car was breaking down 5 days ago three days ago he would only address it as he wanted to transfer the title. And then he played the I don’t know what a text is did you email it game only to start fucking texting again. Now he fucks with tenses
2020 – 03 -11 call 1
he called 4 x i missed it, he didnt respond to txt i call him and itstarted with what. then him accusing me of lieing about the car. he came up yesterday and even when he called didnt let me know he was here. i found out by calling my mom. the txt above was sent after.

note ” i have called the police, i will do that shortly
same with the day bonnie rabbit died. that audio is too hard to listen to to post right now
probably going to stroke out before i even find an apt or get a car to look for car on side of road.
he knew 5 days ago. i even said it should go right to garage. i only have enough to eat i have to move i can not afford even moving. i can not even eat with out car as there is no kitchen stuff in here (all year)

he wanted to transfer the title. aka hey it can be yours dead in the lot as the sherif removes u from the cell we picked after we sabotage even geting out of it.


i said from start, I have to move, for 12 mo I’ve said what it cost to eat with out kitchen you took during last move, have to move due to cleaning mold car. only have enough to eat. caant deal with car move and eat or any more than eat. 12 mo of this hell. exhausted health failing. he plays repeat how I’m hurting your, sit salient hang up, hang up, change topic. i don’t know what a txt is only txt today. email on my lease changes to theirs apt company notify me its bouncing. while submitting to his arbitry email me Idk what a txt is demands is producing same result… march 6th car breaks i sent video, told him i got it back to apt it needs garage via txt. i cant get supplies to move or even decent food sans car etc. day it died he’s hanging up old fashion answering machine. 3 days later all the sudden wants to transfer lease, wont discuss anything else he’s forceing. i ask for my bike. last summer 3x waved in front of me. still no bike. why would you need a bike if you can bearly make it up the stairs?

this is who paid for the main project. he wanted to get me a job before this told me i needed a cert. i couldn’t afford it my dad denies 3k for a week long class at the oldest cert agency in the industry. later outright says “seemed like a good deal i wanted to keep you around” agreed instead to letting me have a shop for repairs and support. i was about to file LLC and doing a hardware project for this friend instead. while doing repairs and building shop. i dumped everything i had hmade the year and a half to 2 years before working 60 to a 100 a week between two jobs into it. cosmos cat dies, 3 or 4 months later apt hell starts (bleeding all over) continues till 15 to 17 mo later i leave their place for hotel. mold proven first week i moved back in gaslit for 6mo till even now sometimes. went to a hotel because my mom was attacking me screaming I’m delusional and need to be medicated 3 days before surgery 6 ish mo into not admitting mold guys findings. hotel boom bleeding gone first week.

Like six months of trying to tell me he doesn’t know what a txt/sms is . pic above is new apt, well year old i have to move out of in 18 days. i told them “all the sources say if you are going to clean mold do not wear your clothes used into living space” 9 mo of making that the only possibility. said from start dangerous to me. probably most expensive option.

the other night he says “txt only “

next day back to “whats a txt is that on the computer?”

Where is the Car? i didn’t get a txt? send it again is that email?


They are all about image.

I mention it’s nuts because every time I talk to them knowing they’re recorded they pull a number out of their buts. as to why its ok and they can do what ever they want to me. or in my dads words “i bought you” . “i own you”

The car and a picture of saying nothing while mouth runs.

the other night maybe March 11th, i keep interrupting the anger hes trying so hard to push instead of discuss “i have to move, you make it so every step requires contacting you and have so far burned 5 days on car issues”

i get stuff like ” why cant you feed yourself”

dad why cant you stay on subject why are you doing this


“i cant understand you while you are yelling at me”

“can you understand anything else i say even before same issues you have forced after needing control cause you want control” (along the lines of nothing here is new and you do this as a tactic you wont address a single problem but then its my fault for not contacting you i show up you use police to keep it that way. you project issues ive watched you and mom fight over in each other on to me. while trying to keep me dependent and tell me i cant wipe my own butt right. )

“You’re wrong Johnathan, you’re sick Johnathan”



“incest…explitivie explictive……”

“im done talking” click.

at this point he’s only communicated he thinks car is stolen. below he says he’s coming up. that happened after he was here, i then called my mom and found out he was here then that txt arrived. he said he couldn’t find car had claimed i wouldn’t tell him where it was but while being here never asked questions earlier denied getting map first 2x never acknowledged 3rd. claimed i made it up. ignored that ive rented cars myself in the past. i can call a tow truck… i need to move and dont have time or money for any of that.

Im Sick im a spoiled brat we give you everything

i dont claim they haven’t financially supported me. is it actually support when come to find out they think that makes them entitled to starve me while claiming to own me making it walk away from all the hours worked for pay over 16 or 17 years ? with credit trashed false dv reports, in need of dental implant ?

ignoring every calm message. every detailed “hey i need this this and this” pretending not to get texts.

tried google docs long ago


its sabotaging even the appearance i can wipe my but while playing concerned parents for image. then using any anger c related by the fear and brainwashing of you cant care for yourself never have wjhile they make even the basics ive demonstrated and things they demand as hard as possible or impossible. when this started i often heard if you dont like it afford better. my mom says she’s my land loard till i can. they demand it repair and make me clean room in basement. this should have been a tenancy via service for rent and her explicit words. I leave for hotel for her sake they boot me and keep all of my stuff, slowly choosing what i can have back and when using lies to police to create records and terrorize while robbing me blind.

even teens /minnors can own property as far as i understand the law. I did get an a in biz law at at cloud state. They wave a big number to police as some sort of justification for taking destroying and threatening everything i own if i dont do what they say after kicking me out. (probably not in a leggal manner) my perminante address had been their place since leavingfor ndsu in 2006. up to 2017 i had keys and or the garage code freedom to enter /come and go as i please. their house sand their choices after learning about it all created the full dependence. if they got this way while i was working 2 jobs, it would have been hard but i could have been on my own. they dont admit it and wave number given but behind the scenes its all or start over from street, degradation, trying to disasemble every habit and processes ive developed since living either roommate or alone and rabbits after graduating hs in 06.

its a push pull terrorize while demanding control sabotaging alternatives then pushing every button and deny their actions and words, try to hang me for mine. they have outright said they believe they can do anything cause they decide what hurts me yet i deserve what i do for my disrespect.

on my 30th bday i was trapped at their house , first time in years (due to rate of work) friends invite me (a couple) to their house to celebrate. My dad takes the keys to the car that’s always mine until it benefits them/gives them leverage then its not then it never happened. My dad cites mild snow storm as reason he cant let sober me drive to St cloud. i drove in every storm in cargo for like 8 years up there. storms to the point where sedan is more of a snowboard pushing off sliding pushing off. never got stranded never damaged the car. no moving violations other than tickets.

a week before he wants me to be his support for how lonely and empty he feels while im being gas lit bleeding and if i leave the house im up to no good if i leave the 10fot by 10 ft up stairs room i finally got im under attack. told my mom F you she starts talking about her sex life. if i hold my ground on “there’s no mold cause im you mom” its GET OUT. why dont you have friends? well because i was working my butt off and the ones i had i owe completely work to (while she’s hiding and throwing away other peoples things and strangers devices interested for repair).

like they do to the Maple Grove Police to justify literally saying they own me in private starving me wanting me to repeat the word slave while they destroy everything I’ve worked for.

same day maybe 2020-03-09… 3 years ago i lost a baby tooth. root had long died but it slowly dissolved over 20 years with no adult tooth under it. mn care doesn’t cover it. I made 2k for a custom web server during this it all went to stuff to clean their car and my things.

I mentioned to them that it’s crazy because I can’t even keep track of it (i had and need desk , place to file, place to store clean clothes, this goes unansered or give me give me give me. you have clyde and bonnies favorite toy, i need it to grieve, nota, all you see me as is a wallet)

I cant track even this year what they give me because 1) no place to file, have to move laptop to eat take out on folding table or eat on bed. 2) they switch between driven up cash and deposits nessicatating that if im to track it, its only sane /time effective if (see one)

I have a computer but that’s not the point every flat space (2 folding tables and a half height) in the apt and counter is covered in mold from stuff i did get back or clutter in general because none of my org furniture is accessible. took 11 months to get the storage garage address they picked. packed to ceiling 13mo ago they acknowledged its only movable with help. 2-4 years ago(so much stress its hard to know off top of head; applies plus or minus a unit of time for all listings of periods) love seat dropped on left temple while moving. MASSIVE concussion while the working office max 20hrs a week 13 credi hrs and no break while the 2 jobs no school 60 -100 hrs a week started. my dads pressing work harder then they even keep my tax return.

for the last year there’s not a glass in the kitchen there hasn’t been since I moved in. all in that storage packed to ceiling. after getting rid of mold car forced for 9 mo and about 30 days hungry that year, ignoring: need desk clean clothes storage, file place, kitchen stuff printer, my stuff… they start putting in just enough to eat fast food. having starved me repeatedly while making me prove where every cent went and repeat the number /math for how much eating out costs. saying hey KITCHEN>!

food regulates everything including emotional inabition/mood/executive function, cold sensitivity, when and what you die of. major factor in every part of life and health if you click the KITCHENlink, i cook very well. when i have my cooking gear. why not just buy it and call them? they will starve me going over block for a week and even if i show up and sit on street the cops come before they talk. the next day its all my fault for not getting a hold of them.

before I was ready to file an LLC. One of the officers telling me I live the life off of them probably isn’t wear on the day of the st. Cloud Mall attack for a year and a half or two I’ve been working 60 to 100 a week in 30 minutes into that shift I was running out the door for my life.


He knows damn well I have to be out of here in 19 days now he has made sure I’ve gone hungry the last two again because fucking Kwik Trip is not a diet 30 days hungry last year 3 years since I’ve been able to cook the kitchen doesn’t even have a fucking glass in it. This is what happens when the police Aid an abductor. I never officially left their house my mom said she was my landlord they forced or demanded services that I have in the past filled out tax forms for doing. That should have established a tenant relationship. Not only their computers but I started on the work on the basement because somebody told me I’d have a workshop before I even got there but then stood over me critiquing how I cleaned his fucking moldy basement will my mom fucking denied it was even there and so did he. My health is at risk everything I’ve worked for for 16 or 17 years is being destroyed. I still need a dental implant they told me not to wait more than 6 months for like 3 years ago. They use that over me as well they have directly and indirectly threatened to destroy all of my things and won’t even take them out of the humidity that will do it as the time Ticks by. The threats where to donate or get rid of or recycle all of my things if I didn’t work on the mold car which didn’t result in anything anyway . The police have given them carte Blanc to threaten to use them as Terror some officers have been very good but overall mgpd has allowed two people to force labor on their house Force labor on their car and their computer while throwing me out and keeping all my things. Then it was of no concern to anybody that the conditional threat my words at the hotel we’re based on the fact that I worked all day and the car was gone when I went to get food at 5:30 p.m. my words were enough where the officer said I have the power but I decided before you I have the power but I decided before I met you you’re going in either way tonight. So if a cab driver in my throat had been okay with picking me up at 96th from a hotel parking lot on a Thursday night driving me to Ace Hardware when I walk out with the hammer would have still been okay with hey let’s go to a residential Maple Grove for some 630 demolition on this wonderful Thursday. Even if I had got there I’m not sure I could have done a misdemeanor more damage than 10 minutes hungry thirsty. Regardless I never even opened the damn app the car was back in 30 minutes and 3 hours later for my expired conditional threat to someone who’s making sure I go hungry probably coached on what to say but somehow that was about protecting me or protecting people’s property? Yet forcing 30 days of hunger after taking everything somebody owned well saying you own them that’s not a threat to life or property? How is it you can starve someone saying you own them open their mail Forge their signature take over their accounts open their mail Forge their signature on a check in their name , pick a town pick a cell threatened to destroy everything unless they clean your car while they go hungry you ever move all Choice from that person if it’s the street or that yet this isn’t forced-labor this isn’t even qualifying them for a mental hold I thought the Forum just said immediate danger to self others or property. I know from that hold my blood pressure is 180 over something every time I have to talk to them. The starving the ship QuikTrip diet sleeping on the bed where my friend died while my friend Clyde rabbit is in the freezer will they threaten to get rid of Bonnie’s ashes. So you can take me off the street on his word but none of this is a danger to anybody?

How about when I have a stroke from trying to move in 19 days and I still don’t have a car back while he’s fucking around pretending he doesn’t know what a text is and I haven’t been able to eat a decent meal in two days I texted him five days ago telling him I only have money to eat you know I have to move . That is directly related to having to clean that car here. He wanted to transfer the title otherwise can’t talk about it. He talks just to harm just to inspire anxiety Then makes me beg to get ahold of him but hey they cut most of my stuff you let them wear me down saying they own me destroying my things everything I get back is covered in their mold as you’re telling me that my words that I was going to Sledgehammer their house we’re worthy of keeping me in a fucking mental hold for 3 days what the hell is wrong with this system

What happens when you have a stroke or when it’s found mold is growing in my sinuses . I had two really good shots at starting a career in 60 to $100,000 a year. All of that work is still being destroyed. Longer is my reputation my credit score and everything that working for money has afforded me on top of what they give me I’m not claiming they don’t so if you quit the police force or you quit your doctor job it’s okay for your job to come take everything of yours cuz they paid you for a while is that everything you ever?, I was making 25 an hour at age 16 I was also working McDonald’s but doing it Consulting and snag a CPA office before I graduated high school I had a small law office as well. Big numbers sound bed they tend to distract that doesn’t change that this is forced labor under threat of destruction of everything that I’m probably going to end up disfigured disabled or dead


update, i missed the rec button but he calls back with a rental. i say you know my liscense is in the car you claim wasnt at the map location?

“the red one?” – ambiguious to which red one then “its not down here”

me: “STOP”, “you have a copy from when you came to the hotel and removed my liscense from the car last year”

“oh yeah, should i txt it to you?”


“ok here it is” proceedes to fucking read it.

im not going to make it out of this apt on time. im probably going to have a stroke if i try.

this is the sort of game they both have been playing for 3 years

“I NEED CONTROL BECAUSE I WANT CONTROL” (my life my dad speaking though)

“im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband” my mom as my dad was keeping my keys and i had to be back to apt for inspection in 2017

“i own you” my dad

“i bought you” my dad

(under his breath)” I guess clyde goes in the washing machine if hes dirty”

also worth noting he stopped B&Cs antibiotic rxed via vet early while i was banned from house. “they seemed ok”

my mom is a NP never once have i not had an antibiotic with out “FINISH IT AL:+L”

its probably worthless explaining any more than this. im probably going to die because two boomers get to own their adult son for their fuck up with their house and police that fear liability for earlier actions.

“didnt want me leaving the state so soon were his words. so then as my moms throwing away the working custom made electronics and hiding tools…around the time mgpd started geting calls… my dads saying why dont you ask your friend to get you that job? yeah as mom throws away parts he paid for and i havent shipped what he paid for because of…
every other day, cant your friend get you a job.
then this all this time later

same with help moving packed to celing storage grage they picked. had a in state associate
my dad “ask him if he will do it for 16 an hr”
he will im sure thats plenty
so week and a half later “see if he will do 14”
then we stopped dansering two weeks
then he tells me my friend called him out of concern for me.
call 2 – 4:30pm .2020-03-11 I probably need to call st cloud pd if the car isnt where i left it. deliberately misleading then claiming i cant handle something while they have all the cards because of their mistake with their hosue has been their mo. for instance i chaned a flat i got on the drive up the first night a year ago. for 2 weeks i heard “youre stuck in the apt cause you dont know how to change
a tire.

so as i mention in the recording theres a 200 buck deposit. the car he txted me about was never available but thats ok cause my liscesnse is in the otehr car anyway so i cant rent or get a decent meal unless i order it. I havent left the fucking apt in 3 days. while he plays games with fucking tenses and igrnoers
hey if i find car there isnt enough to get it towed
there isnt enough for a depostit on an apt
i told him i only had money to eat 6 days ago.
my mom stated on a youtube recording the day before she knows thats all i have.
great to know someone can own another person in this state, force labor and ultimately is going to add an eviction/courorder and fuck over my ability to rent at all
and clyde is still in the freezer.
and they took my health care over so i have to track that down with the car.
3 years of nothing but destruction of property life and health. 3 years mostly alone with 2 sickos trying to tell me ive never tied my shoe, that they own me, nothing i do works (i prove otherwise its not acknowledged) but becomes “its worthless anyway”

they never even checked with who paid for the main project. by the time they wanted to a year had past and several people told me my parents had called them telling them im sick in the head. I saw the person who paid go no pic on facebook messanger thought he blocked me. said as much and all the suden my dad wants to call him (a year of delay in)
i didnt let that happen for pretty obvious reasons. he hadent blocked me my phone was out of flash and didnt grab his profile photo, I had his phone number anyway (not that it helped cause i still cant finish it)

they say they own me and are killing me.
I had two good shots at 60-100k a year on completion.
the person it was for wanted to get me a job before the idea of this project came up. told me what cert to get. the other person had nothing at all to gain.

no indication here that im both well rounded and decent with tools. when not fighting hell someone gave me and losing everything for it while being told im owned (away)

worse yet i dont want to go into how much of my stuff was in that car. but now for a nother night siting here contimplating having a stroke or just licking the table above and hoping that does it. REALLY FUCKING PISSED MY dad cant even indicate exactly where he was in st cloud let alone that he knew , keeps accusing me of lieing about it. good thing nothing i paid for with the webserver money will survive.

the biggest loss by far

clyde rabbit resting his front paws on my stomach. Clyde was also the insperation for my gammer tag of Majestic Rabbit
is not someone anyone can replace.
I paged through my google photos yesterday. It all started 3 months after cosmos died. Im sorry Cos. I love you
Bonnie. :[
cosmoss fur on the day he died… swear ive seen this before.. oh yeah wait no mallard duck boris at river side quacked something about delusions. idk why bother even eating anymore. another quicktrip night till stroke.

If my mom and dad got hit by a bus, id shit on their corpses. Maybe when i walk to the dmv tomorrow ill change my name to bus

ByJohn Wuethrich

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either way I was surprised when my 5 month old shark apex vacuum began to run intermittently. from what I’ve seen with motors in the past it fist appeared the motor was going

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