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ByJohn Wuethrich

Incoming Frodulent Mental hold

3/10/2020 – i hope im wrong. I need to eat, I need to be looking for apt. i need to be able to focuse on my health. 3 years have been robbed because they let their house go moldy and decided to take it out on me for geting sick from it. 16 years of assets i aquired mostly working are being destroyed.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Forced Helplessness & Infestation

Soon to be forced homelessness, complete robbery and heart attack jaw rot or other disfigurement.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

LED Back Light

Before my venture into PCB Etching I needed to replace a failing el panel on someones caller ID. I had read on sites like hackaday about using san blasted plexi as a light defuser. I still needed a led strip. This is what I came up with. The back /sub strait is perf board. Conductive silver epoxy was used inbetween the leds. I had bypassed the flyback driver on the old caller id and still managed to connect it in a fashion it functioned as the el panel and lit on button press.

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ByJohn Wuethrich

LGA 2011 Server Build

LGA 2011 Server Build 4
Had to remove the bracket on m.2 nvme adapter sourced at microcenter) to allow it to sit flat on the desk. Still havent found it to this day.

I’ve lost track of how many pcs, servers and workstations I’ve built over the years. This was by far the oddest build. Ebay 2nd hand parts and the need to test them (return window) while in a hotel. Dont mind the linear florescent tubes, I was just playing tesla under the HV power line that cut through the back of the hotel lot one night 😀

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ByJohn Wuethrich

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics

Mold and or mites are serious issues. The sort of issues that can wipe out a person with out support. Mold and mites can wipe out even a person with support. The U of M says if black mold ( Stachybotrys chartarum) is known dont even bother with an air test get the building re mediated. the epa says 9x9ft is a pro level problem.

All well and good or the oposite w/e. For me though, my parents let their house go moldy to a point it took out my apt. Was proven as I was moving in not only to be there (by a pro) but to be related to a decsion that they made finishing their basement when I was 14. Instead of dealing with it, Marlene and Paul Wuethrich decided to two on one gas light for 7 months and actually to this day. but about 6 mo in a false dv report was filed. 8mo in i had been jumping hotels and they took the car from the parking lot to inspire threats conditional to bringing the car back that were then used to get me a mental hold 4hrs after the car was returned.

if there was any sanity in the system I would have been fine having documentation of the extermination at the apt and mold pro on my email right? nope, dr boris at riverside mpls was told I have these things but responded “patients arnt allowed phones on the ward” proceded to give me a mental diagnosis for “delusions of bugs and mold”.

As I got out my dad smsed/mms sent pics of the remediation they had done while I was geting this fakatka diagnois. 16 mo of bleeding had ended at the hotel with in the first week. it actually bounced back that weekend because i returned to their house to clone a drive for my laptop. then few days later it was gone and stayed gone.

Even with recordings of my parents admiting the reports to police were falsified and driving 45 min from the cell my parents picked to meet with police where this took place i was told if they put on record my parents are unreliable witnesses the department may be liable for their earlier actions. also that its not a crime for my parents to be opening my mail, and signing my signature on checks. more recently they took my health care by doing the same. im 20 days from homeless now after 9 mo of being forced to clean the mold in the car marlene wuethrich drove to childrens st paul to work in the nicu (for 9 years) somehow (paul wuethrich) snow blew through the vents right before the lease started on the cell they picked in the town they picked.

I constantly fear they will attempt commitment. The legal system has failed here big time. Ive worked since 15 and more than one job since 16 for the majority of the years. My parents mistake with their house put them in control of all of my assets. When the apt where my hell started didnt renew and I moved back in my mom explicitly stated she was my landlord because i fucked up. they demanded services such as computer repair. something I have done as a private consultant since age 16. several times for small businesses ive put in enough hrs where the tax form had to be filled (1099?) so if i recall biz law correctly this probably established a tenancy as I have proof of having done this work for pay before and services were excahnged as rent. yet when i went to the hotel (for my moms sake not beause i was bleeding at the corners of the eyes from their house) they banned me from the house. to this day they still have most of my assets and used the threat of destroying them to force my time in the apt they forced the lease on.

imagine a state with law so bad that citizen a can get citizen b detained by police, brought to a mental ward, diagnoised as a head case for things he had the documents from relevant experts to prove were real. almost force medicated. then he gets out and is forced to deal with these possibly life threatening infestations for the entire next year under threat everthing he has earned is destroyed. while his parents use the police like tools of terror haven been given a virtual cart blanch by refusal to even document they might lie.

gota hate minnesota. with out further delay here is what Dr. Boris L. Kholomyansky was so sure was a delusion that he didnt need to see the expert testimony on the phone locked away 3 rooms over. this is the illness i was “taking out on my elderly parents”

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 6
inside wall, highschool bedroom at parents house

if this is delusional or safe then I would assume The MD trailing Dr. Boris L. Kholomyansky stands for Mallard Duck.

but of course 16 months of hell mostly paused at the first week in the hotel. Environmental Causality? Causal factor? Mold Sensitivity? So Despite my face not looking great because I was being abducted here is how Mallard Duck Kholomyansky encountered me. (bellow)

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 214
More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 215
The Remediation Done While I saw the Duck at Riverside. Also the pic my “elderly parent” sent me the day I got out of the mental hold. heres a hint… that was all insulation and Sheetrock when i was forced to sleep in it. The longer wall is the back of the house, note the door frame on left? the damage continued almost to the other end. probably 50 plus ft.

How can we be sure with just a bianary that its enviromental? well… i filled my ssd the first week at a hotel. I had been anticipating this and had another on order. It came that weekend. heres what i looked like after spending a few hrs in the basement cloning one drive to another.

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 216
about 3 weeks before meeting Dr Boris.

I didnt escape to hotels because of looking like that either. My mom had a lung cancer surgery and maybe 3 days before was following me around screaming im delusional an need to be medicated. I had picked up work for transferring a business website to a new web server. Site took CC for payments. I said to my dad “perhaps she would recover better if i wasnt here, also there is liability in this work im doing, it doesn’t help to be under constant attack”

here(below) is what i looked like maybe three weeks after the mental hold (where MD Boris of Vitebsk State Medical University decided I suffered “….delusions of mold and bugs….taking it out on my elderly parents.”)

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 217
Why was Clyde at a hotel with me? well one of my “elderly parents” threatened to put him in a washing machine. Also Bonnie had just died.

Why am I repeating variations of MD Boris Kholomyansky so much? SEO aka search engine optimization. Im crudely raising the odds that this appears every time Riverside or Dr. Kholomyansky is entered into a search engine. I have little to lose with a C&D order and have phrased it such that i doubt one would carry any weight.

(as a disclaimer for Mr. Kholomyansky I do not consider the following actual legal advice) Hawkeye Pierce (a fictional character played by Allan Alda (who’s dad wasn’t a (imho) Mallard Duck but rather MD) (yeah nested parentheses why not)) Hawkeye once said something rather applicable to frank burns. something along the lines of “you cant sue for definition of character” ( a play on defamation)

plus this has empowered two parents i belive to be cluster b linkely npd going fucking rage mode because of their house and their choices… to take full control of my life and i’m homeless in 20 days after threats for 9 mo if i didnt clean the mold trap she drove to childrens all my assets (still being destroyed) would disappear.

but more to the point, even if you could find me to serve me once im on the street, I rather like the potential quagmire it might raise due to the fact that the encounter was forced and probably violated mn statutes even as far as holds go. to then try to hush someone for venting online, idk it might pick up traction and attention in unwanted ways. maybe not either way its hard to bleed the turnip you help create.

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 219
why is this notable ? it was after the extermination. but even the extermination didnt seem to make a difference in differential drugging or was that …ah close enough. note almost every mite in gallery above was found at my parents. There were at least 4 types of bugs in the apt previous. I know because ive never seen anything like a carpet betel before(not pictured) and red dots crawling across ones desk is likely a mite. how likely ? well i usually encountered them on the patio and the property was badly overgrown… but no probably delusions. Also I didnt come up with scabies from no where, when hell started a client I did it support for confessed that during a time I was working from his home office on his computer he was fighting a scabies infection. I wont go into if thats possible via desk chair or not or if i had it or not but none of that was out of thin air or paranoia)
More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 220

One morning well before the hold I was working in what was my highschool room while my parents denied what the Mold Pro had found.

I couldnt shake a mold smell that was too strong for comfort. Up stairs I eventually blew this(above) out while my NP mom pushes open the bathroom door and is denying there is anything at all on my hand.

telling me shes going to get me medicated. This was a picture inside the wall in the room (bellow)

Inside of moldy wall

I think i managed to find a childhood picture of Riversides Dr. Boris. K. Odd how much healthier his quacks were pre grad school and rx pad.

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 221
More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 222
The first tree quacked up on my txt log we couldnt point by point discuss was trying to peg needless and or excessive risk taking behavior. Not one for other experts I doubt he understood that a 5hr training course is considered safe and or standard for a first jump, by the united states parachute association. what would they know? the program is called AFF and i did it out of skydive tc in baldwin wi

If anyone is wondering why some of the pics above look black light or wood lampish, its because they are. Same with are some of those through a microscope? yes. I have an amscope trinocular scope that when configured with a 0.5x barlow lens 10x eye pieces and its 0.7 to 4x internal mag offers enough working distance to get a soldering iron or hot air gun under for electronics work. I decked it out with 2x barlow and 20x ep for mite hunt. Point is none of the gear i have was explicitly due to mold or bug concerns.

I was also producing printed circuit boards having emulated industry standard uv lithography and a cupric chloride etch on my own. Im not sure if “i make circuit boards” with out a degree in EE was factored into delusions but lest there be any doubt. this video also shows the wall intact in hs room mentioned above above. The big ass box fan merv 13 filter was made just for mold but….

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 223
the board after uv patern transfer and dev bath but before cupric etch. the blue is dupont “riston” uv photo sensitive acid resist. it becomes an acrylic to protect the copper one wants to keep during the acid bath. its pretty much gel nail polish in a laminated sheet.

In researching this i had come across what a “wood lamp” is. When the “wtf is leaving me bleeding” started I converted my uv emiter into a portable form factor by grinding down the heat sink, fitting it inside a modified 6v yellow lantern, adding a voltage monitor (lithium ion cells dont like to deep discharge, its how they go boom later. i had a saftey cut off but i dont trust just chips from china(for $4 bucks on ebay)… must be paranoid) and finally attaching a lithium ion battery pack.

More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 224
im holding the bat holder. the pcb/board is a constant current dc-dc voltage converter. at the time this was the most powerful 360nm single emitter one could buy. Its attached to an old intel cpu heat sink.
More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 225
More Mold & Mite Hell Pics 226
When I was mixing and using copper 2/cupric chloride I had the appropriate carriages equipped on the mask above (in the off chance i released chlorine gas). also yes i am looking at a uv source, but through plastic that absorbs almost all of it. (i wont pull number out of my butt and need to go get food but its the 3m 3600 series if you care to double check)
i just liked this shot for detailing how powerful that emitter is.