Daily Archive February 15, 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

Narcissistic Abuse

This is a relatively new term in the psych world. Which i find odd as even Freud was writing about narcissists. Perhaps the reason this is taking so long to gain traction is the shift to handing out pills we dont fully understand / ology rather than psychoanalysis. Freud being no stranger to 3 in a house could probably appreciate pharma wanting in. we all know the bernays side rubbed all the elbows he could …wait most people have no idea… I digress. Im not into manufacturing consent so ill leave it up to anyone clueless to hit a txt book or google 😀

My guess is as medicine is a for profit industry (with ethical rot) and the known issue that cluster Bs rarely see themselves as having an issue (therefore wont be coming in or turning a profit for the industry) its more profitable to label people who endure this with the throw of a dart at the dsm and medicate. just a guess. just a probability; my opinion (cynical ) and i rather hope i’m wrong.  

the solution to thought pollution is neuro transmitter dilution? 

Back on topic i have no doubt Narcissistic abuse has happened to people and or destroyed since the beginning of humanity. Im not sure I agree with the name either as from what I can tell its just as likely to be socieopathic. Ill accept it as its pretty much a spot on fit for what i am forced to endure. I also know that as far a cluster B conditions go, most have overlap in traits and or frequently co exist in the same individual.

Most of this will be told through first hand experience. Here is a decent psych today article on the subject and perhaps better here is a source cited write up one it on pscyh central

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