Daily Archive February 12, 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

Bonnie Rabbit and Clyde Rabbit House Rabbits Extraordinaire.

clyde rabbit resting his front paws on my stomach. Clyde was also the insperation for my gammer tag of Majestic Rabbit

bonnie rabbit chewing up an old box under an end table. magnificant kindness and intreguie in her eyes as she eyes me taking a photo.

I’m typing this from the bed that clyde died on. He lost the ability to walk and over a course of 2 weeks things went south as the abominations known as my parents refused once again to belive that one of the animals I had cared for on my own for over a decade was sick and or it might be related to the car we drove up in.  for the first week my dad promised a cab every other day, didnt get it went day or more silent. Id truly have rather lost both of my parents, my rabbits loved me and I them, as far as i can see my parents dont know what that actually is.

words cant express the pit of despair i’ve been pushed into. I’m sorry Clyde, Bonnie too, you guys were amazing friends and you deserved so much better than the ends that occurred. I miss the bright lights your presence cast on to even the worst days.I miss your little nudges to be pet at my legs when I’ve been at the desk too long. <br><br>I love you. Im sorry you arnt togeather yet. and Im so grateful you both were part of my life. I never would have guessed before just how intelegent, personalbe, unique and loyal your kind could be..