Daily Archive January 13, 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig

Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig 1
Vacuum Pull Down Uv Lithography Rig 2
In the Gap Above the pvc a celing can light bracket allowed positioning forward back up and down
4.1w uv led
ByJohn Wuethrich

Raspberry Pi NFC

In 2015 I was working on an idea with linux and nfc. heres a bit of messing around with a reader that was less than trivial at the time to get working.

ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich A Socieopath?

That's hot

My neck as I jump endless hoops in an empty apt to hopefully get the pleasure of cleaning their mold off my stuff. 

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ByJohn Wuethrich

Paul Wuethrich Pretends to Lose Ashes of Bonnie Rabbit

audio of a call 7 ish months ago. thumnail is from mold hell at their house.

I didnt lightly jump to the conclusion that my dad is a sociopath. this is one of many events including being told things like “I own you”.  a lot of cluster b disorders have overlap so not being a doc I wont say I know this for sure but of the thousands of people Ive met ive eventually asked 3 if they knew what bpd was. (suspecting they are but its an awkward thing to directly ask) ive been right 3/3 times. that doesn’t make me perfect or at the level of someone with a phd in either drug pushing or psychiatry…er i mean psychologist…. but when I study something I have an interest in (psych always has been) I tend to absorb it pretty well. 

Bonnie‘s ashes were sent from the vet in US mail Addressed to me. like 14 months ago I got a picture of the open package. this happened far later. To this day her ashes are one of several things I still cant touch. 

ByJohn Wuethrich

Bonnie Rabbit

Bonnie Rabbit 6 I dont have as many pics of her readily available. My old server where most of it was backed up is in pieces on the floor and parts needed are being held hostage by my parents (along with her removed from us mail addressed to me ashes.) I was basicly working till I passed out before mold hell hit. Often it was face down on the floor because I would stop to hang out with bonnie and clyde. One day after passing out in such a fashion I woke 6 hrs later with a odd weight on my back. As i stood up a white and black blur crossed my shoulder and lept to the floor. Miss Bonnie was quite pissed her pillow decided to move. Bonnie was such a sweet heart. Every time Id go to pet her she would rub her chin on my finger, i guess i was hers not the other way around. Ill write more later.
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