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ByJohn Wuethrich

Forced Labor on moldy car

This car was given to me in use but not title. right before moving into the new apt snow blew through the vents. It had been parked in my parents attached garage or driven to the NICU at Childrens St Paul for 9 years they previously owned it. 


I got my liscense right when I turned 16. I graduated 06 from hs, you do the math…I also lived in fargo ND from 06 to maybe 14ish. once if not more a year it would snow to the point that cars dont have the wheel to snow clearence and if you want to drive its half sledding. yet in all that time this is the only time ive seen snow come through the vents (jan 2019) I called my dad to ask if he had ever whitnessed it before.

he immediately changes the subject to “i came to the hotel to put stuff in your trunk” un announced and nothing i had requested (was banned from their house)

the closest he would come to adressing it was “do you know that model has an airfilter?” when i tried to change the subject back to “you would know the air filter would be best place and where it was” 

its usually behind the passanger glove box on fords. to get at it you open the glove box and pull a plastic tab. tab usually limits how far down it swings, unhooked it opens further. This model didnt have one…but on opening the glove box, it was empty and already unhooked. I cant prove he did it but… 

Forced Labor on moldy car 1
img of inside of the trim that hides the seatbelt

This was the plastic that covers the seat belt and metal between the front and back doors on the passanger side of the red ford taurus my mom drove to work at the NICU for 9 year


This was the plastic between floor and the panel pictured above.

Forced Labor on moldy car 2
Forced Labor on moldy car 3

the other side of the headliner (celing fabric) speaks for itself. There was also a dead roach Im not sure if i got a photo of. 

The three photos below were all before I had regular access to this car. My dad when he isnt gas lighting there ever was mold, or telling me i wasted my time over nothing…. will tell me its because i left food in the car. As i said this car was my moms I had used it maybe 3 x in the month prior to taking these. The white stuff has a anti fungal body spray. not to try to kill it, its just that it was near clear and incredibly hard to take a photo of even with phone on maximum zoom. the white powdery coating made it much easier to get the phone camera to focus on.  The other 2 (blue tints) were taken with my uv litoghraphy emitter converted to wood lamp flash light

Forced Labor on moldy car 4
Forced Labor on moldy car 5
Forced Labor on moldy car 6
ByJohn Wuethrich

How To Form A MN LLC in Roughly 4 Steps

A brief how to when it comes to Minnesota and LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations).   I’m writing this mainly to show that I had the ability and knowledge. If it helps anyone else thats great! Disclaimer: I am going to mix in some of what I recall from college business law course; but I’m not a lawyer and these words are not intended to be taken as legal advice.

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