Daily Archive January 5, 2020

ByJohn Wuethrich

Health Care And Due Process

This post is a work in progress: 

As i found out the hard way, Minnesota is a state with medical holds (aka 72 hr holds). Im writing this partly to vent in a constructive way, partly because what i was subjected to was likely illegal (even by the statue permitting the hold) and the more I learn about these holds and the mental health system the more abhorrent i find it. This feeling comes from the combined knowledge that kids are still learning things like you cant be given a life long punishment with out due process and a trial, we have a system where power has checks and balances, there are appeals processes…

little to none of these standards seems to be true with medical holds or their outcomes. HIPPAA seemed to be the last thing on anyones mind at the U of M Riverside Inpatient Mental Ward either. I cant comment on others but Ill share a little joke bellow, sad truth is only one patient laughed at it or seemed to understand it, though the look in the eyes of offending staff memeber told me they were aware of what they were doing.

Prehaps most shocking is, I knew what Matchbox syndrom is. I also had prior medical record indicating possible/rxed scalp fungle infection, and email from the mold pro who found the black mold issue at my parents. I had pictures of the issues on my body and the problems found but knowing Matchbox/ Ekbom syndrome I only mentioned the I have documents from relative professionals confirming bugs at the apt and mold at my parents house and they are on my phone. I had been at a hotel and that was the first time in 16 months or so it cleared up. 2 months jumping hotels there wasnt anything on my body and that should have been more a sign that it was environmental. I also could have produced my rabbits’s vet’s word that she belived there was an environmental pest at my parents house. (the rabbits had legions that only responded to flea and tick med there for she concluded…)

, Despite having all of that and clearly communicating it:

“sir i have an email from the mold pro who confirmed it on my phone and documents from the extermination at the apt”

it was dismissed with 

“patients arnt allowed phones on the ward” 

and I end up hearing “Delusional Paranoid Skitzo for delusions of mold and bugs… and taking out your sickness on your elderly parents” had i not got out 4 hrs later despite him telling me im having the hold extended… they would have attempted forced medication. Im not sure i would have complied. Im relatively sure i wasnt being tested because right before med time nurse comes in “we mistook the type of hold…. where would you like your med forwarded?” 

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