Welcome to Vengeance Technologies. Actually at the moment its less of a business than a portfolio and tech blog. Eventually we hope to provide a range of services from electronics repair to pcb or even general fabrication with tech support and I.T. consulting in the middle.

Hopefully VT will become your go to for :

  • PC and Mac repair and computer upgrades
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet repair
  • Custom Workstations and Gaming PC builds,
  • Business or Home Network Design or just Help
  • PCB Fabrication
  • General Electronics Repair

This site is partially operational, the business it was supposed to represent is still a work in progress as is this author maintaining a heart beat, paulmarwuethrich.com has info on that

About Vengeance Technologies

Vengeance technologies will hopefully be a lot of things but its been off to a rough start and is still delayed. Much like this page …

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Someday soon I will tilt my head back to the sky, open my mouth and 56k modem sounds will blare as my head explodes.

to quote police in maple grove minnesota

“its not illegal to say you own someone”

working on getting what I own back from someone who claims to own me. Stay tuned its kinda the white collar version of this:

with more mold less chains but attempted murder 2 other assaults on me, felony theft, human trafficking and forced labor conditions over bruised egos with help of false police reports.