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Open Source Punch Clock/Time Sheet App Setup

Today's tutorial is on implementing a LAN accessible, PHP based punch/time clock and time sheet generator inside a virtual Linux server.  if your small business is looking for employee attendance tracking app/ punch clock and time sheet generator that is 100% free; you've come to the right place. The solution described below can be implemented on even modest existing hardware. All of the software is free and open source.  The catch is it's a little bit of work to get it running.  If you follow along you will end up with a time clock app accessible via web browser on any computer connected to your office network. I tried to write this detailed enough that anyone can follow along regardless of tech background but time will tell... This isn't quite finished/will go through a few improvements in the next week. It should get you started as is. High-level overview: We are going to be working with three windows programs. Togeather they will help us create a virtual Linux web (