Hi I’m John.

Vengeance Technologies is hopeful going to end up: a lot of things. While that is on the back burner; for now Vengeance Tech is mainly a name for a solo I.T. Consultant to do business under. Sadly,  it probably wont end up easier to spell 😉

I also intend to use this space to build a porfolio and cv. I intend to write on everything from metal fabrication and construction projects, welding, PCB design and fab, operating systems, networking and or pc builds. Probably tech news commentary and maybe a personal section / major life events. If it becomes more than a solo gig I will break the tech block out by name or something along those lines.  

When Is It Harm?

how is it at all jusice that one demographic (or party with in)can enforce substantially increased risk of mortality to another, take and destrot 16 years Read More ...
Reasons to find a case of Corona

Reasons to find a case of Corona

and as it warms up I can probably get lymes to go with it. I certainly cant ride the bike I dont have. Sooo a walk though the field it is. Or did you at anRead More ...


2 years ago i was telling my parents i need a break. So my mom startsb denying anything i was doing was real or worked. Pushing me to prove every bit of itRead More ...
Nilfisk Aero HEPA Vac & shopvac bags

Nilfisk Aero HEPA Vac & shopvac bags

Durning the insane demands i clean a moldy car belonging to my parents or lose everything… i picked up a nilfisk aero 26 certified hepa shop vac. I Read More ...

Biz To Pleasure, If its Tech-Related I am Generally Aware of a Way to Implement it and I.T., Teach it, Better I.T., Defend or Exploit it!

At the very least I usually am not hearing a concept the first time. Between human resources and capacity for autonomous learning, even if I you manage to introduce to something a previously unknown in contacting me, I may still be your best choice for the price. 

I haven’t found much I cant pick up quickly if its technical. Which tends to come in handy for either broken devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet, Desktops, Laptops, Tvs that don’t turn on) or system software and process overhauls to let tech make your small business more efficient, compliant and or profitable.

A great example of this, I know there are some small businesses that might be product-oriented and still (for whatever reason) running a windows 95 box believing its the only way to use an old piece of required hardware…if this is you we should talk. 

Shortlist for things I cover: I.T. ,  PC/Mac upgrades and repairs or custom builds, Electronics, Networking and Web (Design/Management/Web-server Admin/SEO/etc/kitchen sink)

Why hopefully? Sometimes it takes a while to see those who claim to be there for you might not be capable of conceptualizing you as an individual or possibly lack concepts like empathy in a neurotypical sense.  File this under: Things learned a second too late (something like cluster b disorders) short version is: its complicated I would love if it wasn’t happening but it is, and I’m working on it. I may blog about that later. Update: heres the start